Vol 12, No 1 (2013)


The sociology of mandatory medical insurance: Part 2

Reshetnikov A.V.


The modern system of evaluation of quality and accessibility of medical service makes it possible to receive a clear-cut picture concerning the prospective directions of activities of medical organization included into the system of medical insurance to satisfy needs of the insured as much as possible. The major value has the development of forms and methods of evaluation of effectiveness of medical sociological monitoring to make possible to change the indicators of functioning of the system of mandatory medical insurance and public health on the whole. In actual conditions the system of mandatory medical insurance is a reliable guarantor of free medical care providing social protection of all categories of citizen. The social effect of activities of the Moscow territorial fund of mandatory medical insurance is in organization of protection of rights and interests of the insured.
Sociology of Medicine. 2013;12(1):3-11
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The sociological studies in the system of management of medical care quality

Karpova O.V., Tatarnikov M.A., Marotchkina Y.B.


The article considers the role, position and organizational methodological issues of sociological studies in the system of management of medical care quality. According to standards of the system of management of medical care quality the study of issues of satisfaction of consumers of medical services has to initiate real activities in the field of enhancement of curative diagnostic and auxiliary processes. The maintenance of more comfortable work conditions and achievement of another wishful results concerning satisfaction of demands and expectations of patients and other interested parties is also considered.
Sociology of Medicine. 2013;12(1):11-15
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The technique issues of application of structured indicators in medical sociologic studies

Ilyukhina O.V., Ellanskiy Y.G., Khudonogov I.Y.


The sociology ofmedicine is one the most dynamically developing discipline of medical biologic scientific cluster. The accumulation of factual data supports the development of new technique approaches to its statistical processing. The actual study analyzes the structured indicators which never considered as independent characteristics of medical sociologic occurrences before. By the example of groups of women of reproductive age with different level of gynecologic health is demonstrated that data concerning common morbidity, value field or communicative environment can support large-scale modeling of complicated medical social occurrences. The proposed technique of transformation of attributive (qualitative) characteristics into quantitative (dimensional) characteristics makes it possible to broaden possibilities of sociology of medicine as an instrument of cognition of medical social reality.
Sociology of Medicine. 2013;12(1):15-18
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The application of questionnaires in express-detection of psycho-physiologic resistance of women as consumers of esthetic medicine

Rakhimullina O.A., Klautchek S.V., Vorobiyeva N.A.


The article presents new possibilities in express-application of questionnaire MMPI to determine the individual level of resistance of women to the stress of invasive cosmetology procedures depending on typological psycho-physiologic and behavioral characteristics of personality.
Sociology of Medicine. 2013;12(1):19-22
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The sociologic study of predictors of deadaptation in ex-sportsmen

Fedotova I.V., Statsenko M.Y., Vershinin Y.G.


The evaluation of negative component of post-professional adaptation in ex-sportsmen was carried out. The dependence of sociologic factors of deadaptation from gender characteristics was established. The reliably higher rate of frequency of manifestation of deadaptation disorders of medical social nature in male ex-sportsmen was established as compared with women ceased regular training and competition loads. The social predictors of deadaptation in early postprofessional period in male ex-sportsmen were established.
Sociology of Medicine. 2013;12(1):23-26
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The quality of medical care in the Republic of Northern Ossetia-Alania

Dzutsev K.V., Khugayeva A.A.


The article presents the results of sociologic survey of quality of medical care the Republic of Northern Ossetia-Alania of the Northern Caucasia Federal Okrug carried out in June 2011 by The Northern Ossetia center of social research conjointly with the V.I. Abayev Northern Ossetia institute of humanitarian and social research.
Sociology of Medicine. 2013;12(1):26-30
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The analysis of organizational culture as a factor of enhancing of effectiveness of strategy of management of medical organization

Zaiytseva N.V.


The article presents the results of medical sociologic survey of organizational culture of two children polyclinics - state budget institutions of Moscow health department of the Southern administrative okrug. The data results demonstrate that state budget health sector is characterized by the organizations of organic and bureaucratic types with high degree of regulation and control, tight integration and distinct hierarchic levels. The effectiveness of strategy of management of medical organization is conditioned by both professional and personal qualities of personnel and paternalistic position of top manager taken with attention centered on the processes of re-engineering and development of rational infrastructure of organization.
Sociology of Medicine. 2013;12(1):30-38
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The overcoming of syndrome of emotional burning-out in paramedical personnel

Arlukevitch I.V., Viyatkina N.Y., Efimenko S.A.


Nowadays, the issue of emotional burning-out in paramedical personnel is ultimately an actual issue. The article considers the historical component of this issue in the context of social psychological mechanism of development of syndrome of emotional burning-out in persons professionally involved in interaction with people. The results are presented concerning the syndrome of emotional burning-out in medical nurses of general psychiatry departments. The data of interdependence between syndrome of emotional burning-out and social demographic characteristics of respondents is presented.
Sociology of Medicine. 2013;12(1):39-41
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The cyberspace of medicine: Internet as enemy and ally of physician and patient

Pavlenko Y.V.


The Ural state pedagogic university, 620144 Yekaterinburg, Russia The propagation of global net technologies inputs drastic alterations into all areas of society life. The article deals with effect of Internet informational field on transformation of medicine and public health system. The new for national science notion of "cyberspace" is analyzed. G. Eisenbach defines cybermedicine as a new area of knowledge originated on intersection of informatics and public health. Within its framework, the main attention is paid to application of Internet and global net technologies in medicine and public health. The article analyzes the possibilities and limitations of application of Internet resources in medical activities from point of view of both physician and patient. The results of study among administrators of curative preventive institutions of Yekaterinburg provided the clarification of issues of informatization of national public health care system.
Sociology of Medicine. 2013;12(1):42-46
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About particular aspects of relationship between religiousness and health of military of armed forces of Russia

Dubograiy Y.V.


The article describes particular aspects of effect of religiousness on health of military as a specific group of population of Russia. The aspects considered are self-evaluation of health conditions, predisposition to healthy style behavior, presence or absence of harmful habits-dependencies. Several socially significant characteristics of military which can be affected by health conditions are considered.
Sociology of Medicine. 2013;12(1):47-49
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The social self-feeling as an integrative characteristic of health in patients with diabetes mellitus

Koznova Y.S.


The characteristics of social self-feeling of patients with diabetes mellitus are analyzed within the framework of medical social discourse. The determinants of social self-feeling under diabetes mellitus are determined. The social self-feeling is considered as an indicator of attitude to therapy in the context of its value normative specificity.
Sociology of Medicine. 2013;12(1):49-51
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The satisfaction of quality of nursing care in hospitals of social care

Novokreschenova I.G., Tchunakova V.V., Sentchenko I.K.


The issues of functioning of system of medical care quality management in institutions of social sphere are established. The characteristics of needs and satisfaction of patients of elderly and old age residing in hospitals of social care are analyzed. The necessity to implement monitoring of activity of paramedical personnel for effective planning and management of nursing process is substantiated. The role of analysis of satisfaction of patients with quality of paramedical care is emphasized.
Sociology of Medicine. 2013;12(1):51-55
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The role of service of insurance representatives in protection of rights and interests of patients

Yuriyev V.K., Kupriyanova V.I.


The assessment of activity of service of insurance representatives organized within the framework of functioning of medical insurance organizations of St. Petersburg proved its high effectiveness. The analysis of structure of causes of addressing of citizen to insurance representatives demonstrated that more often patients have complaints about unsatisfactory conditions of medical care provision re lated to poor organization of hospital functioning. The second cause is to receive counseling support related to issues of mandatory medical insurance. The questionnaire survey of 5542 patients was carried out. The results demonstrated that in spite of availability of policy of mandatory medical insurance 23% of patients were obliged to use personal funds to pay hospital treatment. The content of service of insurance representatives has no need in special financial costs and requires further development and enhancement.
Sociology of Medicine. 2013;12(1):56-58
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