Vol 9, No 2 (2010)


The technology of sociological research as a systematic foundation of medical sociological monitoring

Reshetnikov A.V., Reshetnikov A.V.


The last decades were marked by significant changes in the methodology of national studies of medical sociological issues. The medical sociological studies are especially important for practical physician because the comprehension of doctor's own role and patient's social role facilitates to decrease the number of errors in forecasting the sequence of actions. The practical implementation of medical sociological monitoring data allows marking out the most acceptable forms of alterating the system of mandatory medical insurance. Additionally, the legitimate approval of citizen the activities of reforming social sector can be received. The effectiveness of monitoring in public health can be increased at the expense of developing the permanent system of sociological information collection and the foundation of data bank on the level of particular institutions, districts, cities and regions. The development of modern information technologies allows implementing a more detailed analysis of medical sociological information in various profiles with more elaborated mathematical tools. These approaches provide an opportunity of long-tern information storage for its subsequent utilization with fast search of needed data.
Sociology of Medicine. 2010;9(2):3-15
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The sociological monitoring of personnel of medical institution

Bravve Y.I., Akhremenko G.P., Peskov S.A., Bravve U.I., Ahremenko G.P., Peskov S.A.


The article deals with the results of sociologic monitoring of personnel in medical institution and implementation of the crisis-proof management model. On the basis of comparative analysis data of the activities of personnel of Novosibirsk regional clinical diagnostic center the factors are revealed permitting to discover the resources of services enhancement on the level of particular medical institution. The increase of clinical and social economic effectiveness and productivity of activity of medical institutions, after the medical social monitoring (questionnaire poll) and crisis-proof management model has been implemented, is related to the development of training level of medical stuff. The additional role is played by such factors as alteration in medical personnel motivation, active and constructive involvement into managerial processes. All this ultimately results in increasing the organizational technological effectiveness of the counseling diagnostic and curative rehabilitating processes in medical institution.
Sociology of Medicine. 2010;9(2):15-20
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The results of social demographic study of status of stomatologists of various specialties

Sorokin D.V., Sorokin D.V.


The article presents the analysis of the social demographic professional status of the stomatologists in different regions of Russia. The negative and positive aspects of age-gender structure of specialists are revealed. The issues of medical institutions with different forms of property are discussed, combining jobs included.
Sociology of Medicine. 2010;9(2):21-24
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The opinion of medical personnel concerning the condition of health care system in the Republic of North Ossetia

Demurov T.M., Mikhayleva N.Y., Chedzhemov A.Y., Demurov T.M., Mikhaileva N.U., Chedjemov A.U.


The contradictions in organization and procedure of rendering the medical care to population testify that the public guarantees of free medical care for Russian citizen are not implemented in their fullness and the possibilities in getting medical and pharmaceutical care depend on the regional characteristics of health care system. The necessity is emphasized to permanently provide scientific analysis of relationships between the concepts of public health reform, actual conditions of its implementation and the attitude of population and medical personnel to these processes.
Sociology of Medicine. 2010;9(2):24-28
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The opinion of physicians on the designing and implementation of the national innovative technologies in public health

Apukhtin A.F., Delaryu V.V., Egorov V.N., Prochnaya E.L., Apukhtin A.F., Delarue V.V., Egorov V.N., Prochnaya E.L.


The questionnaire polling of 452 physicians of the City of Volgograd revealed a critical need of public health in the development and implementation of national innovative technologies and ascertained numerous interfering factors.
Sociology of Medicine. 2010;9(2):28-30
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The self-protected behavior among adult population and adolescents

Ivanova L.Y., Ivanova L.U.


The mass questionnaire poll organized in Lipetskaya oblast in 2005-2006 provided data to consider the self-protected behavior among two groups of respondents - adults aged from 18 to 60 years and adolescents aged from 13 to 18 years. The gender characteristics of health risk behavior are analyzed - health practices attitude, choosing well-paid but health risky occupation, tobacco smoking, alcohol abuse, etc. Various factors impacting on average life expectancy of respondents (health, stress exposure, etc.) are considered.
Sociology of Medicine. 2010;9(2):31-35
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The impact of health of elderly people on the processes of their adaptation to the conditions of residing in nursing homes

Albegova I.F., Popova A.V., Albegova I.F., Popova A.V.


The article deals with the study of issues of impact of health of elderly people on the processes of their adaptation to the conditions of residing in nursing homes. The original research differentiation between five groups of elderly people according conditions of physical and mental health is discussed. The level, quickness and results of social adaptation to the conditions of residing in nursing homes are considered.
Sociology of Medicine. 2010;9(2):35-38
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The sociological approaches to the analysis of risk factors of development of periodontitis in adult population

Khlynin S.V., Ellanskiy Y.G., Khudonogov I.Y., Hlynin S.V., Ellansky U.G., Hudonogov I.U.


Until now, the modernization of stomatological service in the Russian Federation is not considered as one of priority areas of the Nation project "Health". Besides, nowadays the population suffers from the higher level of propagation of major stomatological diseases, periodontitis included. Meanwhile, the application of sociological tools to investigate the issues of etiology and pathogenesis are not used on regular basis in stomatology. The novelty of actual study is in combining the questionnaire technique with profound periodontics examination and subsequent statistical processing of primary data. This approach permits to rank the characteristics with equal absolute values of ranking order correlation coefficients. The technique of coefficients of slanting line linear regression was applied. The aforementioned technique permitted to conclude that in adult population the pull of risk factors of periodontitis development includes such heterogeneous characteristics as height, body mass, tobacco smoking, cold diseases, type of occlusion, cheap food diet, indifference to sweet and centralized water supply. The developed approaches make it possible to apply expertise assessment of paradontologic health as a reference mark for grouping extensive sociological data.
Sociology of Medicine. 2010;9(2):38-43
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The satisfaction of pharmaceuticals' consumers with the quality of pharmacological services

Petrov V.I., Mikhaylova D.O., Basov A.V., Petrov V.I., Mihailova D.O., Basov A.V.


The consumers of pharmaceuticals are not permanently satisfied with drug quality and pharmaceutical services standards. This dissatisfaction has objective and subjective reasons. The consumers have overrated the expectances related to the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals and demonstrate lower indicators of compliance. The objective causes of consumers' dissatisfaction are related to the non-qualifying quality of remedies as products (right up to selling of falsified medicines) and to lower quality of services in retail pharmacy network.
Sociology of Medicine. 2010;9(2):43-47
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The evaluation of the accessibility of additional dispanserization of working citizen on municipal level

Shil'nikova N.F., Senizhuk A.I., Tomskikh E.S., Shilnikova N.F., Snijuk A.I., Tomskih E.S.


The annual additional dispanserization of population is carrying out in the framework of the prevention sector of the national project "Health". The article presents the results of population opinion poll relating to necessity and availability of activities of additional dispanserization of working population in the city okrug "City of Chita".
Sociology of Medicine. 2010;9(2):47-48
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The characteristics of epidemiologic and social environmental anamnesis in children of pre-school age on the early stage of primary tuberculosis infection

Beketova A.A., Kushnir S.M., Nechaev V.I., Antonova L.K., Beketova A.A., Kushnir S.M., Nechaev V.I., Antonova L.K.


The examination of the sample of 38 children of preschool age infected with mycobacteria of tuberculosis on its early stage of primary tuberculosis infection was carried out. The techniques of questionnaire polling and data sampling from medical documentation in anamnesis of examined children were applied. Numerous epidemiological and social environmental risk factors of tuberculosis infection were revealed. The directions optimizing the dispanserization monitoring of children infected with mycobacteria of tuberculosis within the structure of children polyclinics with the view of prevention of tuberculosis development were proposed.
Sociology of Medicine. 2010;9(2):49-50
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The health-related quality of life and impacting medical social factors in case of autoimmune thrombophilia

Trifonova M.A., Chapaeva N.N., Gladkov A.V., Sharoputo V.M., Ryabukhin V.G., Trifonova M.A., Tchapayeva N.N., Glazkov A.V., Sharoputo V.M., Ryabuhin V.G.


The article deals with the results of the study of health-related quality of life using the questionnaire SF-36 in patients with autoimmune thrombophilia - antiphospholipidic syndrome. It is established that the disease impacts both on physical and psychosocial component of quality of life. The medical social factors impacting significantly on the indicators of quality of life are revealed: gender, age, social status, duration and severity of antiphospholipidic syndrome course. The social significance of antiphospholipidic syndrome accompanying with the development of non-bacterial thrombotic endocarditis is confirmed during prospective monitoring of patients.
Sociology of Medicine. 2010;9(2):51-55
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The medical social aspects of quality of life of women with the manifestations of climacteric syndrome

Chernichenko I.I., Chernichenko I.I.


The manifestation of climacteric syndrome is one of the serious issues concerning the medical biological, psychological and social cultural aspects of life of women of climacteric (premenopausal) age. The pathologic manifestations of climacteric syndrome interfere with professional activities of women and decrease their social activity and alter interpersonal relationships. These are the objective reasons to organize the special study of assessment of medical social characteristics of quality of life of women with the manifestations of climacteric syndrome. The research program provided the assessment of quality of life on the sample of 276 women in the period of climacterim (premenopausal age). The specially developed questionnaire was applied to investigate medical psychological and social aspects of the subject of research. The questionnaire comprised of issues covering such scales as "quality of life", "infertility", "sexual life", "emotional states", "social role", "physical efficiency", "mental efficiency", and "financial capacities", "psychoemotional experiences", "menstrual dysfunction". In 190 out of 276 women were revealed the manifestations of climacteric syndrome of light and mean severity. In 86 women the course of climacteric period was normal. The results of study demonstrated that women with the manifestations of climacteric syndrome have lower quality of life. Hence, the indicator of quality of life can be applied to provide a comprehensive assessment of overall health state of women during the period of climacterim (premenopausal age).
Sociology of Medicine. 2010;9(2):55-59
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The medical social characteristics of families with children of adolescent age residing in the closed administrative territorial formation "Ozersk"

Volosnikov D.K., Sosnina S.F., Volosnikov D.K., Sosnina S.F.


The comparative analysis of some medical social indicators in families with children of adolescent age was carried out between 329 such families residing in the closed administrative territorial formation and 335 families from neighboring town. The analysis of data questionnaire revealed drastic differences in the levels of education and employment of parents, in organization of summer recreation of adolescents, their occupancy in institutions of additional education.
Sociology of Medicine. 2010;9(2):59-61
pages 59-61 views

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